At Prize English we hold a number of keys to your personal and professional future: our language courses abroad. Thanks to our living in a globalized world, languages are becoming more and more of a sure bet not only for improving your future employment, but also for personal growth.

At Prize English we offer a wide variety of courses abroad, at the best language schools in each city with quality education adapted to the rhythm of each student. Our language courses abroad are also accredited by the most prestigious official bodies for each language, so that your excellent command of the language in question can be approved anywhere in the world.

As an agency for language studies abroad, we offer a wide range of economical English courses in foreign countries and other languages ​​(Spanish courses in Spain, French courses in France, German courses in Germany and Portuguese courses in Portugal).

In short, we proffer a wide array of economical accredited courses in English and other foreign languages in other countries as well as in Spain, and also in other languages like French, German or Portuguese in their native countries. Courses for learning English in a family setting, for studying for a year abroad, English summer courses abroad and dozens of other courses, are among our offerings.Ask us any questions and choose the course that best suits you!

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English Academy in Caceres

Besides being a leading language agency in Extremadura, Spain, we have two English schools in the town of Caceres, where we continue our commitment to the language learning of our students, either through English classes in Caceres or through language classes outside Spain. All this through courses of economic and personalized language.

We have two modern English language schools in Cáceres and with the best equipment, which offer year-round English courses for all levels, excellent rates of learning and all accredited by international organizations and at very competitive prices. Therefore, we encourage you to consult us with your questions and advise you about your English courses in Caceres. Contact us!

Learn english in Cáceres

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