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The correct command of a language is no easy task, and we understand that all of the facilities we give our children to pave the way as far as possible will be few. We now have in our hands the solution to give our children the opportunity to develop language efficiently, by simply spending a semester or academic year abroad.

Thus by giving our children the option of continuing their education in ESO or high school either for a semester or academic year abroad, would provide a fabulous experience and advantage when furthering their studies in the future, boosting their career opportunities since childhood.

Just by spending a semester or academic year abroad will mean that the student will improve his/her spoken language and thought, allowing him/her to acquire a second language almost naturally. In addition, whilst being immersed in other cultures and customs, the student ‘s self-esteem will be enhanced, thus achieving greater independence and a more global view of the world in which we live. And all of this in an ideal environment for his/her age group, sharing studies, activities and sports with other youth people.

As parents it is normal for us to be afraid to send our kids away, and thus the importance of finding professionals in this sector. We also offer them only the best schools in Britain, Ireland and the United States, give you personal attention and constantly monitor our students. Our programmes include:

  • Quarterly, semi-yearly or yearly stays
  • Private or public, mixed or segregated, secular or religious schools
  • Accommodation with carefully selected local families or in dormitories
  • Ongoing advice and information to parents.
  • Permanent attention to the student’s needs.
  • Advice and aid in entering a foreign university.

At Prize English we work with schools authorized by the authorities of the country, which implies recognition by the Spanish Ministry of Education of diplomas issued at the end of our programmes.

We are aware that a successful education in a foreign country will not only imply choosing the correct school, but it is equally necessary to have proper monitoring of the student by a local monitor firsthand , making sure that the student feels at home.

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