Support to Apply for Grants for the study of Foreign Languages

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Scholarships to study abroad afford us with a great opportunity to learn and improve a language abroad which more and more students are encouraged to apply for and take advantage of. This type of scholarship to study abroad is very important because the economic help provided enables us to develop our level in a language which in future will help us in our personal and professional relationships.

There are two types of recipients who can apply for this type of scholarship: professional teachers and students. Other scholarships exist that can be applied for for travel abroad and language courses abroad, among which the best known are the Erasmus and MEC (Ministry of Education and Science) scholarships.

These scholarships (for both students and teachers) have as a prerequisite some minimal requirements and some prior information to apply correctly is necessary. This is the case of the MEC scholarships, for example, where one of the minimal requirements is a course in the language in question accredited by a certain international organization.

Therefore, we believe the best choice for you to make sure that all of the steps are taken correctly, is to first attend one of our accredited language courses abroad, which are a guarantee of quality, affordable and cover multiple scholastic skills in the language, and also allow Prize English to help you in processing the application for the scholarship, with our long-time experience in this area. Ask us for any help you may need!

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