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As an experienced Language Studies Abroad Agency, Prize English offers several English courses abroad for children and young people accompanied by a monitor.

At Prize English we understand why children should travel from an early age on trips to see the world, to learn about different cultures and to improve in languages ​​other than their own native tongue, because the sooner they learn other languages, the better their futures will be both on a personal and professional level. But at Prize English we also understand that for most parents it is not easy to send their children to a foreign country, and so we propose a solution: our language courses abroad for children and young people accompanied by a monitor where the safety of your children is key at all times.

In order to provide for the safety of your children, we at Prize English take care of every detail of the trip with a great deal of precision, the choice of schools, the study course, as well as accommodation, flights, transfers and activities outside of the school.

Our youth groups are always supervised by a responsible Prize English adult who knows the language of the host country and that of your children, so that they are accompanied and monitored at all times during their stay.

So if you're interested in a course for young people accompanied by a monitor overseas, please fill out our form to request our current budget on the right side of the web or call us by phone. Prize English will assist you in everything!

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