School year or semester abroad

School year or semester abroad

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Consulting and Management

From Prize English we have a consulting service, which will hold meetings with the student and / or parents to select the program, the school and the country of destination appropriate for each student.

It is important to note the academic, personal and social profile of each student. Each student is unique and we treat each case individually and personalized manner. From Prize English we handle everything for you not to worry about anything (tralations, documents, interviews, contact with schools, contact with tutors and students' families).

Tracking "Guardianship"

Prize English is composed of a great team of professionals working for the welfare of her son, taking care of every detail to make the experience a success: flights, accompaniment flights, transfers, school vacation, holidays, contact with people in charge of his son abroad, emergencies, etc.

From the first day we make academic and personal monitoring of each student, and solve problems that may arise both in relation to the daily life of the student, the subjects chosen and their academic performance.

The student will have the services of a legal Tutor "Guardianship" that is responsible to have direct and regular contact with the student and that we require in most schools to all our international students.

We provide everything necessary for both parents and children to live an unforgettable experience, which is one of our priorities.


Prize English ensures that everything related to the transcript of our students are supervised and manage validations of their studies abroad.

We advise on the validation through the Ministry of Education of all formalities necessary for obtaining approval studies abroad.

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