Ardscoil la Salle Dublin (summer)

Ardscoil la Salle Dublin (summer)

Rating: 90%

AddressRaheny Road, Raheny, Dublin 5

Our school Ardscoil la Salle Dublin is a renowned Secondary Education Institute on the outskirts of Dublin, it is located about 8 km from the city center, in this school they study Irish boys throughout the year.

It was founded in 1968, in its beginnings it was only for boys, and since 1978 I change to being a mixed school.

The quality of the teaching in this school is outstanding and its methodology is remarkable, very active and adapted to the current times, the students who carry out the school year in it must have an iPad with which they complement the content of their classes, providing the classes of a more interactive education adapted to current times.

It also stands out for creating a positive environment among its students that encourage creativity, these characteristics further a positive interpersonal relationship between teachers and students in all classes.

In addition to all this, it has a wide range of extracurricular activities that make the school a very interesting center for students who want to study in Ireland a school year.

Among its sports activities include: Gaelic football, Hurling, Choir, Chess, Art workshop, Fitness ...

In summer we take English courses for young students of various nationalities staying with our fantastic host families that are close to the school.

The Irish families are open and friendly by nature and our host families welcome the students very well, they make them feel at home promoting a family and home environment.

The Irish is a culture that is characterized by its kindness and hospitality, so the participants adapt more easily and therefore the adaptation process is relatively easy.


3 Recent Reviews

Manuel Villares

Muy buen escuela y el curso organizado muy bien también. Gracias por todo a Prize.

  5 on 5

Alba Martinez

Lo he pasado muy bien y la familia me trató genial.

  5 on 5

Soledad Castro

Espero poder repetir, lo he pasado muy bien y mi inglés a mejorado bastante .

  5 on 5

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