The most recommended jobs to speak languages abroad

It is increasingly common to look for jobs abroad that help practice the native language of the country. A new way of learning languages ??while earning money. Let's see some of the jobs you can do in the most important locations on the globe.


Learn English in the United States

As we told you at the beginning of this post, it is very common to find new alternatives to learn languages. If you want to take an English course in the United States while taking extra money, you are in luck because they are pioneers in this field.

There are many projects launched that allow you to work while you study. In this way they offer you to improve and perfect the language, exchange the culture to learn dynamically and gain work experience. There are hundreds of companies dedicated to this purpose, the most common jobs are:

Child and elderly care.

Bartender in bars or pubs.

Receptionist in hotels and hostels in transit.

Tourist guide for foreigners.

Many of them will help you learn through direct contact with other people. Most are focused on tourism (since your mother tongue can help you in communication with foreigners), that's why we recommend cities with a lot of tourism to earn money while you learn. Therefore, if you want to take an English course, Miami is one of the ideal locations.


Accommodation and subsistence allowances in exchange for work in the United Kingdom

This practice is becoming very common among young Europeans. Travel to the UK to practice English while working for a house and food. They are normally jobs in volunteer areas that do not require previous preparation beyond what they can teach you at the time of the job. Some of these jobs:


- I work on farms (5 or 6 hours a day).

- Work in hostels (facing the public and with contact with foreigners).

- I work taking care of boats (of the most prestigious).

- I work serving in a bar (especially if they are hotel bars or hostels that offer a room).

There are hundreds of web portals that will offer you thousands of free job offers in exchange for accommodation and food. A great idea if you have in mind studying English in London.

Germany and the tourism sector

As is well known, Germany is one of the European countries with the least youth unemployment. That is why it is classified as a fixed destination for students who do not have a job when they finish their studies.


Despite having very low unemployment rates, most of the service sector is filled by students without studies or training, which is why they mostly require young people who have some degree or experience. So if you have a degree and want to learn German in Munich, it is your time to travel to Germany while you continue to train and also earn a salary.


Malta, meeting point

If we hear about Malta, we quickly imagine its ports and its beautiful capital. In Malta there are multitudes of cultures and opportunities, with a great possibility of jobs and experiences. We can tell you little more, except that all sectors are welcome and we believe that it is a great tourist destination for you to try to learn English or improve your knowledge of cultures. So we bet on learning English in Malta.

We hope that these instructions have been useful to you so that while you improve your languages, you can work and earn extra money.

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