learn Portuguese

Learning a language is always rich, we're going to see a number of practical reasons to learn Portuguese.

  Here are some reasons to study Portuguese

Because of its importance in the world: Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, East Timor and Macao (China).

Portuguese is also spoken in other countries, parts of India, on the border with Brazil from neighboring countries (eg in Paraguay there are many who speak Portuguese, there are enough people who speak it in Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina, etc.) and other countries have minority speakers mainly because there are Brazilians and Portuguese immigrants (eg USA and Canada).

Portuguese is the fifth most spoken language in the world (the first in Latin America) with 250 million speakers Furthermore, according to UN studies Portuguese will become in the coming years in the second European language to be spoken by a greater number of people worldwide. Portuguese courses

Another reason to learn Portuguese is Brazil is becoming an economic powerhouse. Currently Brazil is a country with vast natural resources and a lot of potential that is growing very rapidly, creating jobs and a country that requires skilled labor.

The importance of the Portuguese in the world today is also an incentive, if you will, to know better Brazil, one of the countries with the greatest geographical extent in the world that has experienced social development that is worth knowing and is opening doors increasingly to tourism that draws its beaches its climate and its people. It is important to recognize that this language allows you to meet people who are known for their charisma, joy and your people skills.

Both Brazil and Portugal are two destinations that are worth visiting for nature lovers, its enchanting beaches and leisure and culture. And if the Portuguese dominates the travel and experiences with indigenous are more rewarding.

Since the advent of Mercosur, the importance of the Portuguese has been growing and now speak Portuguese correctly, a debt when closing deals, generating confidence to cope and security in the business. In South America the importance of the Portuguese has far surpassed English as Brazil represents half of the territory of Latin America.

So come to learn Portuguese!