english courses in Cork

Is nestled on an island between the two main channels of the River Lee, has countless streets, bridges comnectan the city center and walks that give an atmosphere where it is a pleasure to walk.

Its cultural offer is varied with several festivals (film, jazz, folk) organized throughout the year.

Its nightlife is intense and has several theaters, many restaurants, pubs and clubs.

Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the variety of activities that can be practiced sport: golf, horse riding, sailing, fishing, canoeing and tennis, all outdoors in beautiful natural surroundings.

But what really makes it different from Cork is definitely the hospitality of its inhabitants, with which visitors can practice their English in any corner, the Irish are people who like comversación and fun, besides the cork habitantesde are known for its humor and joy. This makes the visit to this city a memorable and enriching experience. english courses in Cork

One of the typical places to vistar in Cork is the Inglés Market, craft market, local produce, which was catapulted to fame in 2011 when he was visited by Queen Elizabeth II. It is said that the Queen was impressed with what he saw. Why would not I be? This is the oldest market of its kind in Europe, the shelves are full of handicrafts Irish farmhouse cheeses and ready to savor with a good pint of beer.

The most famous building of Cork is the church tower of Shandon, made of red sandstone and white limestone. The clock tower is known in Cork as the Liar Four Faces (The Four-faced Liar), since from the base of the building each clock seems to show a different time.

Another experience that any visitor should not miss in Cork is a session of traditional Irish music, is the quintessential "Irish experience" and has earned plus you can experience firsthand the rich musical history Irish spend a sharing good time singing and Irish dancing. To enjoy this experience need not look far enCork enters any pub at night and it is likely that a small group of musicians has won a corner with their instruments. Experts locals know that Sin É is one of the best pubs for touching violinists, also have the Corner House next door and the Spailpín An Fánach, must always accompany the music with a good stout.

Another atraction in Cork is a trip on the train Immigrants. Cork was the port where boats full of immigrants to the United States stood before embarking on the final journey.

Before ending the tour of Cork, is a final stop. In the vicinity of the city is Blarney Castle, a medieval fortress, full of history and origin of the legendary Blarney Stone, of which it is said that if you kiss upside down, you will be given the gift of eloquence. Throughout history, many famous people have been here, including Walter Scott or Winston Churchill, and do not know why but the latter was not lacking oratorical skills.