English courses in Brighton

Brighton is a coastal and elegant city, considered the beach of London, with a population of 250,000, about 50 km by train from London.

Brighton is one of the favorites places for the British to spend their summer vacation. This city is full of attractive, lively, thanks to student life that bring the universities of Brighton and Sussex, thousands of tourists visit this beautiful city every summer.

Brighton is located in the middle of "South Downs" (southern highlands) and Channel Tunnel, on the sunny English coast, the city has a rich blend of heritage of the Victorian era, commerce, art, and festivals in any season of the year. english courses in Brighton

A mid-eighteenth century Brighton became famous for the therapeutic effects of bathing in the sea and as the summer residence of George VI, a fact that prompted receive an exclusive tourism and high purchasing power. Subsequently, the creation of the London-Brighton railway line (mid-nineteenth century) allowed a rapprochement between the two cities as well as geographic also within visitors, occupying a first position as a city chosen by Londoners on their vacation. Getting to Brighton is not complicated that is less than an hour from London, and half an hour from Gatwick International Airport.

The city of Brighton, for its size can be explored on foot, the Brighton Main attractions are its aquarium, Brighton Pier and Brighton Pavilion.

In this city a festive and student life is always breathe, especially in the summer months where thousands of students invade the streets.

Brighton is also a university city with a relatively young population. For lovers of reading is an ideal destination, with plenty of bookstores and markets of second-hand books flooding the city center. It is also a place where many festivals and concerts throughout the year are celebrated. The best known include: "The Paddle Round" festival of Europe's largest beach. "The Great Escape" or "The Shakedown festival". Music is another hallmark of life in Brighton. Brighton have come out bands like The Who and Fatboy Slim.

Brighton Festivals meet many artists and receive thousands of visitors each year. Another of the most famous festivals in Brighton is the Gay Pride Festival (Pride Festival) held every year in March and August.

Brighton is an exciting city with its own identity, a cosmopolitan and welcoming place, mix of historic and modern buildings, a vibrant nightlife, trendy shops, theater, music, great clubs and bars, family entertainment, shops and extensive beach is the envy of the UK.