traslator and interpreter anywehere

Need a translator or interpreter?

An innovative business idea Voze allows any user from anywhere in the world have a professional telephone interpreter in nine languages 24 hours a day.

Another of its solutions is that incorporates a solemn service, general, express and automatic translation.

This idea is one of ten projects selected in the first round of HUB Embark on European University. "With Voze, the user will have an interpreter in your pocket."

The officers of the company are two young translators and interpreters: Adriana Perez and Gloria Jaime Galvez walls. Besides being responsible for the creation of this company, they are both project managers and are responsible for managing the team of professional translators and interpreters who form the team.

The idea for the company came by his professional experience in the field of translation and research performance in public services, they realized that there are significant shortcomings in solving communication problems between people of different languages and cultures .

The main objective is to contribute to the improvement of communication between people and make new advances in research interpretation and intercultural mediation.

The interpretation service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and has over 90 freelance translators and interpreters.

With our knowledge we want the users have a language service quickly and efficiently, avoiding travel costs to use interpreters distance. This service is accessible to anyone wherever you are.

Anyone can use their services, although there are three key customer profiles to those going to.

First, the tourism sector; With this service, the quality of tourist services will be improved.

Secondly, companies with international trade by helping to break down the language Languages  barriers that language is not a barrier for your business.

thirdly, to public services so that they can overcome language and cultural differences.

The intention is that their pomotoras Voze few years become the tool of reference in the field of communication.

Quiren implement an innovative methodology in the field of translation and interpretation, combining new technologies with the quality of customer service provided by a team of interpreters who have received specialized training, tailored to meet the communication challenges facing the public.