Multi location language Courses

Get more out of Language courses abroad 

Making it easy to plan a multi-centre language courses tour. Prize English makes it easy for our clients who want to do a language course in more than one location during their stay abroad.

We have hundreds schools across the UK, Ireland, EE UU, Germany, France, Spain, Malta... and other countries and work closely together ensuring our students move from one school to another smooth and does not interfere with their studies.

Benefits of a multi-centre Language course: Studying a language course in multiple locations can be hugely beneficial for students looking to get more out of their experience abroad. Taking a course in different schools presents an opportunity for cultural discovery, finding new local knowledge and practising the language with people from different areas of the country.

We can organice short stay in multiple location (e.g. two weeks in London + two weeks Britol) or a gap year programme with a term in different locations (e.g. 12 weeks Brighton + 12 weeks London + 12 weeks Bristol).