Linguistics English immersion

Our language baths are characterized by dynamism and promoting the interaction of all participants.

Again we have developed a language English immersion with some very special participants (teachers in schools and colleges) for the development of the dive we had the presence of speakers of English speaking various nationalities, USA, Scotland, England, Canada and Wales. This time the dive was to place in the town of Montanchez and have been enjoying its surroundings in a pleasant and very beneficial for this type of activity learning environment.

The sessions have been developed over three days and general terms of participation dynamics that encourage and motivate students in these sessions have been developed: Games, tours, dance, talks, presentations,,. All this in a predetermined program in which participants aim to assimilate new vocabulary, expressions, language practice, familiar with different accents and acquire greater proficiency in the language of Shakespeare. Linguistics inmersións Linguistics inmersions

  As before participants have completed dive recognizing our work and issuing some very positive comments:



Dear Janine, Oh Yes! I think last weekwend That Will Remain on top of the list in my good memories for a long time! I enjoyed everything: the good company, the excellent accomodation, the activities and especially ... the human ressources. Elsa, Malcolm, Andy and Iris were so nice ... and patient! I had great fun and Have Learnt so many things in Such a short time!

Thank you so much for your kindness and professionality. It was a true pleasure to meet you and your staff, and the rest of the team.

  I do hope to see you again soon in a like experience, Sincerily yours.


Thank you for the course and thanks for having me at the last moment. For me it has been a very good experience. I learned a lot and I've been enjoying every day and every second by your side.

The great companions, the relevant content and very good and the participation of all those who have supported us in this precious experience (native speakers) have created in me a new way of seeing the English, required language in our daily lives.

Thanks for all shared and lived two days, for me it has been wonderful. Janine Thank you for your tremendous work on this dive, Greetings.



Only thank the good weekend that I spent in the dive course we have improved and practiced English. I have liked all the activities you had planned and those accompanying you to carry them out.

Thanks a lot! A greeting.