What gives us the language

The importance of knowing languages Learning a second or third language, is not a waste of time as was formerly thought, but this is an investment, learning another language not only increases the chances of getting a better job with a positive impact on their personal financial situation it enhances the social and cultural life of the individual as the language is the key to culture. 

Tell a story that once a tourist walking the streets of a country found with a group of people and makes them the usual question: "Sorry, do you speak english?". People look at each other and one replied "sorry, we do not speak English." The tourist returns to ask another question "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?". the group turned to look at each other, this time in astonishment and one of them says, "No sir." The tourist makes a last attempt and asked, "Excuse Moi, Parlez vous francais?". This time all I get in response is a nod by the group. Tourists head down and someone walks away from the group says, "did you see how many languages ​​he spoke this guy?" And one of them says, "which helped him to ...". And the group is removed with laughter. 

A few meters ahead, a young man who did understand English could help the tourists, accompanied him to the hotel I was looking for, struck up a friendship and a few years later, became the main distributor in the country of electronics products selling "type". 

This story may be true and serves to illustrate the importance of speaking a second language besides their own and how it can positively affect the lives of people. 

Learning another language helps people understand that the world is not all the same, that there are cultural differences and helps develop confidence in their social relationships because it improves their interaction with the environment, preparing them for the future that will be increasingly demanding. 


  "The illiterate of the future will be those who do not operate a computer and does not dominate another language."