Bilingual children

Every year our leaders creat more bilingual schools and sections. in many of these schools the same Rulers have not bothered to train teachers before offering this bilingual education but for them the most important is announcing with fanfare that create x bilingual schools. But to what extent this system creates bilingual people? Experts say the only way to get our children to be bilingual is living the language for several hours a day, for that our options are as follows. Their parents speak different languages ??and talk to them at home, another option is to live in a territory or different country from your native language or study in a bilingual school, but it is not the same study several subjects in English what usually it happens in Spain when they talk about bilingual schools or schools with bilingual sections.

The other option is to study in an English school, this is the best, but unfortunately not available to everyone, as it is often an expensive option. Take the example of the British Council school, in this institution the children receive all their education in English, following the British methodology from 3 to 18 years, 80% of classes are taught in English by native speakers and the rest (20% ) are taught in Spanish as well established Spanish law to foreign centers.

Another interesting option for improving the language and get our children to be bilingual is sent to perform an academic course to another country diferent than their own. In these cases the children improve significantly especially in the communication sphere, lose their fear to communicate in another language and improve their way of expressing themselves and understand another language. Although not as good as perform all their education in another language option, for example to do 2 or 3 year cycle of ESO or high school in another country is a good option to acquire a high level of English  courses for young learners.

There are views for everyone when it comes to getting our kids to speak a second or third language as their mother tongue, but experience tells us that a language is learned living it is very difficult to learn a language only through a weekly classes , they can get some level but what will make the difference will be the fact that his education is conducted in another language or at least part of their education.


To this solution are those mentioned above, go live in the country of the language you are learning or performing all the education in the language you want to learn.


We hope this article will help you in choosing appropriate options for the education of your children.