Learn languages ​​the whole family

language courses for families Prize English offers language courses for the whole family, on these programmes all family members can do a language course tailored to their level and age. 

These language courses are ideal to do during family holidays, as you can combine tourism with improving each family members language knowledge. Another attraction of this type of courses is that families can meet and become friends with other families from other parts of the world. 

These family programmes also provide good preparation for children who may in future years travel abroad alone to do a language course. These language courses are structured so that families can spend a few hours in class each morning and afternoons are left free to do leisure activities, go on excursions and explore the destination where they are based.  

Language courses for the whole family are a different and alternative way to spend fun holidays and learn another language at the same time. 

In Prize English we offer courses for the whole family with accommodation at various destinations in the UK, Ireland, France ... 

In all our courses we guarantee good organization in both classes and activities, plus of course something that usually preoccupy families who want to take a course abroad is accommodation for the whole family, will be in charge of everything related to the accommodation so that the experience is fantastic.

Do not hesitate do a language course with your family, you will not regret it!