Enjoy and learn a language

Prize English is your language Agency Extremadura, if you are thinking on summer holidays and want to make a language course abroad, contact with Prize English we´ll help you to  organized and select which you the course and destination to make your stay abroad a success, we are always happy to help our students.

At Prize English we are many years organizing courses in foreign languages ​​for youth students, adults students, teachers and professionals, families who choose to spend their holidays in another country while they learn a language.

Contact us or log on our website: www.prizeenglish.es and start preparing your program, when you decide to study a language abroad not only allows you to improve the knowledge of their language, also allows you to meet new people, make the cultures and customs of the country, and all this makes a language holiday an experience that mark for the rest of your life.

We offer language courses  in 12 countries and more than 100 schools spread all over the world


Many of our language programs are compatible the aprtendizaje from one language to the practice of sports for example (tennis, horseback riding, playing soccer, etc)

We have language courses for children from 3 years accompanied by their families and start from a very early age to get used to hearing another language, we also have course for "senior" seniors who have special interest in learning another language, the seniors programs are usually designed for students to have a nice cultural experience, visits, excursions and activities with students the same age and with similar interests.

We also organize every year in summer stays for youth groups accompanied by adults teachers from Spain and during the language course they stay in a homestay.

What are you waiting for planning your summer!