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Wexford town is the county of Wexford, southeast Ireland. In this city of Ireland there is no rush. To put aside the clock, this county offers many picturesque villages of Courtown, Curracloe and Duncannon, sun drenched beaches, a variety of wild birds, fascinating castles and cottages, and of course one of its main for any visitor, the oldest lighthouse in the world still in operation, Hook Head. In summer for three weeks his famous occurs the Wexford Opera Festival and the city becomes a magical place with friendly atmosphere, Wexford conveys a sense of infinite calm.

A Wexford is known as the land of joy and Irish music. There is a deep tradition of singing in County Wexford and have a lot of traditional songs, many of which relate to the rebellion of 1798. It is a land of legends where the local people is fun and takes life calmly . Also there who sees Wexford as the maritime center of Ireland because it has beautiful coasts and many fishing villages in the surrounding areas.

Wexford is a city steeped in history, for example Enniscorthy, who recently celebrated 1,500 years, the cathedral of St. Aidan, a Norman castle and a visitor center that tells the story of nearby Mount Vinegar Hill.El which had place the decisive battle of the Irish Rebellion of 1798.

In wexford springs were the place where President John F Kennedy addressed the population of Ireland during his visit 1963. Kennedy's great-grandfather, Patrick, from New Ross emigrated to America in 1848, and the old house Kennedy, who visited the JFK himself for a cup of tea, you can visit the nearby village of Dunganstown.

Wexford has a heritage of medieval streets with Viking influences, Norman and Cromwellian.

Wexford also has a modern history and goal post in the future. Among the most representative buildings are modern and brand new Opera House that welcomes every October the annual Opera Festival.

Wexfor of film: Stephen Spielberg chose Blue Flag beaches north of Wexford to shoot the film Saving Private Ryan (the Normandy landings were filmed near Curracloe).

A short drive south from Wexford finds you the fishing village of Kilmore Quay, from where boats can take you in a jiffy height fishing or bird bird colonies on the islands of Saute.

A slightly longer trip takes you to the deserted peninsula Hook. Old strong and coves hide behind every corner, but the highlight of a drive around the peninsula is the same Hook Lighthouse, one of the oldest and still running lights not only in Ireland but the world. This iconic image has over 800 years of Irish diverting ships rocks.

Get on the old tower in winter and not only see the boats go by, you may even see a whale.

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