Prize English at Preston offer great benefits for students ages 16 and up.

English courses in Preston

Prize English at Preston offer great benefits for students ages 16 and up. The method used is known as communicative and the Preston School of Economic English is ideally located in the city center.

The town of Preston

The city of Preston is located in Lancashire, England. The center and its surroundings have had influences that come from the time of the Western Roman Empire. It functioned mainly as a center of exchange until, during the 18th century, the textile industry began to develop thanks to the Industrial Revolution.

The city has great attractions for those traveling to take an economical English course in Preston.

Among the most prominent is the Miller Park located in the central area with a design that recalls the Victorian era, the British Museum of Commercial Vehicles which is located about 10 kilometers from the center and shows the different vehicles designed by England and, finally , the Harris Museum which has an art gallery and a public library.

English schools in Preston

The English school in Preston is located in a key area of ??the city center, in the vicinity of the bus station and the train station. In addition, the area is full of restaurants and crowned by the well-known Preston Market.

The Preston English Academy is made up of 7 main classrooms, a study room, a kitchen with access to tea and coffee and high speed internet for all students. The school seeks to offer the best possible experience for students through its facilities and the socio-cultural programs that it has in its curriculum.

English school courses in Preston

4 different English courses are offered in Preston:

General English Course - 15 hours per week.

Intensive English course - 21 hours per week.

IELTS and Cambridge Exam Preparation Course - 21 hours per week.

General English Course - 9 hours per week.

How to choose the best course at an English school in Preston

It is not easy to choose among so many English courses available in Preston. For that reason, we will go over some important points to keep in mind before deciding on one.

Identify your needs

You must know how to answer the question of why you study English: are you looking to improve your skills to communicate socially or at work? Or do you want to move to an English-speaking country?

Knowing what you want to improve will make it easier to choose between the different English courses offered in Preston. Some are more general and others more specific, so analyze what you are looking for and each program in particular.

Consider your strengths and weaknesses

Each course is designed for students with different levels of English. For that reason, first of all, you should evaluate your skills and choose the one that can help you overcome your weaknesses and allow you continuous growth in learning English at Preston.