Study English in Nottingham

Nottingham is a quiet town in the UK and county of Nottinghamshire. It has a population of about 270,000 and its main attraction is Robin Hood. Legend has it that in the Middle Ages the bandit Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest, north of the city, his worst enemy was the Sheriff of Nottingham, who led many persecutions.

The chances are that all this legend is simply a myth, but the figure of Robin Hood has certainly attracted tourism to the area.

Nottingham is located in central England about 120 Km from London, and is well connected with other major cities in England and the United Kingdom, by rail, road and air. It is a vibrant city surrounded by quiet countryside and can unite the modern with the traditional in a rarely found way.

Nottingham is a nice town, and as well as tourism, commerce and art, it is a university setting. Its University, "the University of Nottingham" is an important institution that has always been among the top ten in the UK.

It is a city full of life, where their caves, castles and cobblestone streets invite visitors to explore its past while its shops, bars and restaurants offer many possibilities for shopping and enjoy the atmosphere of the city.

Nottingham Castle is a stone mansion of Anglo-Saxon origin, which was built to replace the old castle burned during the Civil War. Its use is as a place for exhibitions of life in the city, and it also has a gallery of contemporary art.

For music lovers in Nottingham we have a respected festival called "Dot to Dot", which offers a hotbed of new talent, they also have the "Splendour" festival featuring a healthy dose of pop. Besides music, in this city you can go for a pint at the Nottingham Castle, in the Robin Hood Beer Festival or taste dishes from around the world at the Food and Drink Festival.

The architectural heritage of the city is very striking, and can be seen for example in the building that was the old jail and the courthouse of the city when Nottingham was the only place in Britain where an inmate could be imprisoned and hanged in the name of justice.

Another place to visit in Nottingham is the pub known as the "Rest House for Crusaders to Jerusalem" which is located next to Nottingham Castle and claims to be the oldest inn in Britain, dating from the year 1189. In the center of the city it is also worth visiting the old Square, which is the second largest UK behind Trafalgar Square in London Square. The square is dominated by a spectacular neoclassical building, the Council House, and the third Friday of each month has its popular food market, with its marquee invading the center of the square.

You can also visit the Church of St. Mary, the oldest in the city. Today it is the church of the University of Nottingham and at weekends organ concerts or corals are held.

The best time to visit Nottingham is in summer, with good weather the city becomes a city full of life, various festivals that attract thousands of both British and foreign students and offers visitors everything they expect to find in a university town. English courses in Nottingham