Study English in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and one of the most unique cities in Europe, besides being the Scottish tourist and cultural center par excellence.

Edinburgh is a charming place steeped in history and full of mysterious legends that have taken place in its narrow cobbled alleys. In Edinburgh visitors not only have the  opportunity to hear the spine-chilling stories of fear, today the visitor to  Edinburghalso enjoys a great cultural offer in terms of museums, galleries, plays and shows, some of which are even free of charge.

In this city you can learn how whisky is made at the Scotch Whisky Experience, know what life was of Scots during the Middle Ages in the People's Story Museum, or see how medicine has evolved in the last centuries in the Surgeons' Hall Museum.

Edinburgh is also known for its architecture with beautiful stone buildings and gardens, as well as for its population, incredibly nice people who complete the package so that tourists fall head over heels in love with this city.

Every summer from the end of July until late August, the world famous Edinburgh Festival takes place throughout the city, in bars, theatres, concert halls and even in the street, which turns the city into one of the largest cultural centres of the British Isles if not in the world.

Also Edinburgh University is a fourteenth century establishment of renowned prestige in the world. After all, Scotland is the country of Alexander Fleming, James Watt, Alexander Graham Bell, Lister, James Clerk Maxwell, John Logie Baird, David Livingstone, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, J.M Barrie and others.

Edinburgh is a good starting point to discover the great scenic attractions of other parts of Scotland: the Highlands, where beautiful lakes are in abundance, with small little villages and castles full of history and mystery.

The main tourist attractions in Edinburgh are: The Royal Mile the most famous street in Edinburgh that connects Holyrood Palace with Edinburgh Castle, and gave rise to the Scottish term of the mile. Edinburgh Castle is an ancient fortress recognized as the landmark of the city, the castle is located high up on Castle Hill offering superb views of the city. The Palace of Holyrood and remains today the official residence of the Queen in Scotland, and this building is a gem of classical architecture.

Edinburgh is a city that traps visitors and each year receives hundreds of students full of curiosity and energy to learn English english courses in Edinburgh and enjoy the charm of the city and its people.