The English courses for families that we offer at Prize English are ideal for those who want to travel abroad with their loved ones while learning a new language.

English courses for families in the United States


The English courses for families that we offer at Prize English are ideal for those who want to travel abroad with their loved ones while learning a new language.


The programs are designed to adapt to different levels and ages, so that all family members can live the unique experience of a vacation to learn English in the United States.


Traveling as a family to learn English in the US

Make the most of your family vacation time by participating in an English course for families in the US. Take a course adapted to each family member according to her age and level of English. They will receive their classes in the morning, having the afternoon free to enjoy and practice. Choose from many destinations such as the United States and take advantage of your family vacations to learn English.


Benefits of studying English as a family

Traveling in the United States with your family without knowing the language limits the possibilities. In order to function freely, it is necessary for each family member to master English. Taking advantage of a family vacation to learn English is an excellent initiative with many benefits.


learning support

You can receive help from your relatives, or help them, and thus advance together in English. Each member will receive their classes adapted according to the language level they have. In free time they can get together to share what they have learned and put it into practice. In addition, you and your family will be interested and encouraged together to continue studying.


daily conversational practice

Maintaining a daily practice while studying a language is the key to mastering it. Sharing an English course with your family is ideal for maintaining consistency. These family language courses encourage almost uninterrupted practice. It is an optimal strategy to improve the quality and fluency of language perception and emission.


Also, moving forward together in learning a new language is a bonding experience. They will feel the support and motivation to continue studying and practicing different languages.


Investment in your vacations

Do not allow your vacations only involve spending money. This is an option to instantly receive results that are also long-lasting. It is not just an English course, it is the opportunity to enjoy and create beautiful memories. Doing it during your vacation makes it even more advantageous and ensures maximum use of the investment.


On the other hand, studying while getting to know a new country like the United States during the holidays does not have a negative side. You can take advantage of having fun, culturing yourself and expanding your horizons with the basic language tool. You will be noticing the change when you have returned to your place of origin and you will feel that you took advantage of the time.


Getting to know a new country and its culture

Also, you can practice English in a new country, increasing the value of the experience. It allows you to interact with the inhabitants of the country you visit and get to know them through their words. In a short time you will have an expert level. Encourage your family members to do it too!


How to sign up?

To take one of our English courses for families who choose the United States, you must access our page. Enter the family learning section and review the different destination options. Write to us and fill out the form to obtain the information you need.


Keep in mind that you will need to tell us your destination and the basic considerations. With these data we will send you the budget.


Do you need more information about our English courses for families in the United States?

Contact us or call 927 049 506 to find out everything about our English courses for families in the United States.