What to do with our teenage in summer

Every summer thousands of teenagers take summer courses abroad, camps and summer courses on their school vacations, in addition to filling part of the holiday season, which is very long and parents do not usually have as many vacations as to Being with the children all summer is a very interesting option for the development of our children.

In the summer courses abroad, they not only strengthen their knowledge of another language, but also make them grow as people and encourage their maturity, the fact of going out to another country alone, if being in the company of their parents strengthens their self-esteem, their independence, and will open their minds to other cultures and other ways of doing things, other than those they are used to in their place of origin and in their homes.

There are several modalities of traveling abroad to learn English, for example there are those who prefer that their child go in a group accompanied by an adult from Spain, as is the case of our courses for Group Youth accompanied by a monitor in this case the Teens leave from Madrid airport and take a 3-week course in Dublin where they take a course with activities and excursions, mix with other boys of other nationalities, share a room with another Teen of different nationality at the home of an Irish family, have everything included since leaving Madrid, (flights, course, activities, transfers, accommodation, excursions) and the benefit for parents that they always have a person (accompanying monitor) to contact for any issue related to their child.

The difference between this course in which they are accompanied by a monitor from Spain and other courses in which students travel alone like our Courses for young people without a monitor is that the trip is done alone, flights and transfers are not included (although we can organize them) once in the course there is always an adult person to contact but it is not the same as being with a monitor during the entire stay that supervises them and has direct contact with the parents and with the Teens.


There are parents who think that the fact that they go individually to do the course does that the student does not have contact with Spanish kids, it is not true, since once in the course there are students of various nationalities including groups of Spanish students.


The main benefit of going individually is that you have more freedom when choosing the dates of the course and the number of weeks, in case you go with a group you have to adjust to the dates and number of weeks of the group. You also benefit from choosen the airport closest to your place of residence, you can book flights and schedules that are going well for you and you don't have to travel to the group's place of departure.

Some of the disadvantages of sending our children individually to take a course abroad are that they have to make the trip alone (some airlines do not allow them to travel alone). You need to book the transfers from the destination airport to the family home or the Residence where you are going to stay, once in the destination you do not have a direct link with your parents as when they are accompanied by a monitor from Spain and depends there may or may not be monitors who speak Spanish to communicate with parents if any contingency arises during the stay.


We hope you find this post useful.