School year in Ireland for students who require a Visa

To obtain a study visa, you should apply online through the Irish Immigration Services website visas  which is available worldwide and must be used by all candidates. 

The Academic Year Program in Ireland is specifically designed for non-EU students who want to do a long-term 25-week English program in Ireland.

Students who contract this 25-week program can stay in Ireland for a period of 8 months, can work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) during their studies, and take advantage of the opportunity to travel around Europe and/or work full-time. in Ireland during your holiday period.

Students who require a visa to study in Ireland should contact the nearest Irish embassy for detailed information and at least two months in advance of their trip to process visa applications.




- Non-EU students intending to stay in Ireland for more than 90 days must register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) National Immigration Office.

- There is a charge of €300 each time you register. (The registration fee indicated is €300 at the time of printing, but may be subject to change.)

- Before registration, you must pay an end-of-program exam fee to the school that we can use later by registering you for the relevant exam.

- You must register and take a Cambridge or IELTS exam.

- The school will register students for the appropriate end-of-course exam when registration dates become available.

- You must have valid health insurance and student protection insurance.

- You can take out MediCover Insurance and PEL insurance (or a combination – MediPEL) through Prize English, which is accepted by the National Immigration Office (GNIB).

- You must show a bank statement or proof of finances of at least €3,000 (this can be a bank statement in your name from your home country or in Ireland)

- You must obtain an invitation letter from the school after registration and payment.

- Must have a minimum course attendance of 85%


                               Document checklist before registering Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB)


• Invitation letter from the school

• Health insurance

• Student protection

• Updated passport

• Proof of finances/bank statement

• Proof of address in Ireland

• Bank card (debit/credit - required to pay the GNIB fee)


We can help with the Visa application procedures when necessary.

All fees must be paid in advance and an invitation letter will only be sent once payment is received.

Students who experience delays in having their visa issued by the embassy or consulate may postpone their course.

Visa Rejectons: We will refund all monies prepaid less administrative fees and bank charges incurred on all visas.

Visa Refusal: Written proof of visa refusal from the Embassy is required.