English courses for young people

                       Live a unique experience of living and learning!

From PRIZE ENGLISH organize the stay and execution of language courses for young people who want to independently perform a language course abroad, so we understand how important it is to send your child  to another country to improve their language, (English, French, German). So we take care of every element of the trip in great detail, both the choice of schools as accommodation where it will stay the student, not to mention the content and course program to perform as well as the flight, transfers and activities performed outside the scope of the school.

In Prize English We will be your point of support for the entire stay of your child abroad, offering our expertise and help to make the experience a success.

All youth are going to do a course abroad individually, have certain advantages over going in groups accompanied by monitors have greater flexibility in choosing number of weeks of course, flexibility to make reservation flight, flexibility in the choice of the dates they want to take the course.

These courses are very desirable and popular with teens who have been in another country doing the same type of courses in more than one occasion and feel confident to face a new challenge as going alone requires students navigate from the beginning and throughout the stay in a language that is not their own language.

Studying a language abroad for young usually comes combined with another series of weekly activities like sports, tours, excursions, etc. The courses are usually great fun and a good way to learn another language. Language courses for young people abroad unaccompanied 

Although students go alone, that does not mean they do not have the backing at all times in our organization, to solve any mishap that may arise during their stay.

We organize transfers from the airport, lodging with a local family or student residences, the language course, the student will have everything organized activities. Since leaving their country to return home.

Our schools abroad are very careful about the number of students from each nationality and purpose host a limited number of students from each nationality to ensure that a multinational environment breathe.

This kind of courses do students develop their independence, are integrated into the daily life of the school and families, learn about other cultures from within, make friends with local instructors and classmates, and encourage language practice throughout the course of the program.

This is the best way to meet people, interesting people from other countries and also know coworkers who have fun, keep in mind that everyone is on the same course, love languages and have chosen to do a language course abroad.