Where to stay wile do my language course in other country

Accommdation in Host family or Residence? Host family or Residencial accommodation? The choice of where to stay while I doa language course abroad it´s not easy. Here we try to stay up the pros and cons of each type of accommodation that serves values ​​and your own conclusions.  

Host Family. 

Pros: The personal benefit of staying with a host family are usually families provide conversation to students and make them feel welcome one more into family life, making them partakers of his routines. Families are the best hosts for the student to know the city, its traditions, culture and places that no tour guide is not concerned. 

Families generally provide daily meals, so the student only has to worry about being when eating at home. 

Cons: There may be colder families and not much to engage with students and do this work just for the economic aspect, so there is not much difference between to stay with family or residence. 

The exact address where the host family lives is usually a week before the course starts. 

Private Accommodation estudents. 

Pros: The benefits of staying in a residence is usually that the student has a greater sense of freedom and the chance to make friends with classmates. 

One benefit of staying in residence is that from time to hire your accommodation know the exact address of the residence and the distance to which the school is located. 

Cons: In many cases, students do not practice enough language that have gone to study because they look to their peers with consumerism language for not having to work. 

In most of the residences do not serve food, so students have to buy and cook from the first day at the residence or eat in restaurants with consequent extra expense. 

The good choice of accommodation during your stay for a course abroad can influence student learning a lot, the choice would depend on several factors including the age of the student, experience in conducting such courses, personality their knowledge of the language .. 

Our advice is to let yourself be advised by a specialist to guide you and make your stay an unforgettable experience.