English in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a medium size city known in the UK as the Granite City because of the white stone used to build most of its traditional buildings. In recent decades it is also known as the European capital of the oil industry, creating a thriving economy around the city with the offer of plentiful direct work as well as opportunities in the resulting service industry, ready to be enjoyed by all those related to the reaping of this precious black gold.

The beautiful region of Aberdeen has many ancient castles, towns and idyllic villages surrounded by wild natural landscape.

Discover its 265 km of cliffs, coves and beaches and explore traditional fishing villages. On the coast of Banffshire, if you keep your eyes open you can spot some groups of bottlenose dolphins approaching the coast to the delight of tourists.

Aberdeen is a beautiful and historic city, vibrant and cosmopolitan. A visit to the city of Aberdeen, would not be complete without a walk through the old city to see some examples of its architecture, Medieval and Victorian buildings such as Provost Skene's House, or one of the most beautiful sights the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Andrew built in the year 1817. Although Aberdeen has the status of an industrial city, each year is visited by travellers from all over, who wish to discover the north east of the UK.

Aberdeen has wonderful parks and gardens, with its parks being among the best in the UK, the most popular of which is Duthie Park.

In Aberdeen many interesting sights have been preserved, one of these is the Winter Gardens, whose most interesting exhibit is the cactus that "speaks". This garden is divided into several themed areas, inside there is a conservatory and a Japanese garden made according to the traditional style, with a wall of flowers.

Another attraction is the university, with over 500 years of history and which is attended by students from across the UK and around the world, creating a very good cultural environment, and resulting in many concerts and festivals throughout the year.

Its international airport offers excellent connections with the European continent, making this a good choice destination for studying English english courses in Aberdeen