job interview in English

Since Prize English today we treat as facing a job interview in English.

Have you seen a job in a multinational company and you have to do a job interview in English?

If you have to face a job interview, this is a chance that more nerves and stress we create in our lives.

This time you have to prove you're the right person for the position you are seeking. For this you have to answer "correctly" all your questions and show you're the best of all the possible candidates for this position.

Job interviews in English are a very common practice in many companies, either by that company is the official language in which all employees are communicating or just to check the level of English of the applicant.

Once you have passed the first filters and managed to reach the job interview, you have to be prepared for the interview out successfully and you get the job offered.


Here are some tips so you can successfully complete your job interview. Improve Your English

To know about the company:

Grab all possible information from the company before attending the interview. If possible, visit their website, their blog or Facebook profile. This way you can catch up on all the news to keep abreast of the latest developments. This is very advisable to make a good impression to be aware.

Controls nerves:

Stay calm, and if you get nervous trying to hide it. Go to the interview rested and the interview is like a normal conversation about your skills and your knowledge.

Be on time:

There are few things that create a worse impression late for a job interview. Better get with some time and wait in a relaxed manner.


Dress appropriately:

Watch your physical appearance before the interview, choose clothing that conveys professionalism while you're comfortable. When you are comfortable also increases confidence in yourself.


Be gentle and natural:

An essential quality to develop any job, is to be an educated person. Smile and make eye contact, it is important and that says enough of a person. Try to convey to the interviewer your natural but right. Do not act like someone you're not. If you are a gracious and smiling person, do not be afraid to show it, taking into account the context in which you find yourself, of course. 


Now comes the part of the interview in English:

Do we know what industry the company is moving? Once you have all the information available, you can make a "vocabulary list" with the words associated with the sector and the specific words as advertised since surely be those used in your job interview in English, Thus you will be prepared and do not be surprised if they ask for more industry specific words.


Here are some of the most common questions in a job interview in English: 


- Tell me about yourself?


- What do you know acerca our company?


- What are your strenghts?


- How do your friends describe you?


- What is your weakness?


- Why have you been unemployed for Such a long time?


- How do you see yourself in five years from now?


- What do you know about the type of work we do?


- Why do you think you would do well at this job?


 After a series of questions the interviewer usually ends the job interview with this question:


-: Do you have any questions for me?

You can do specific questions that show that these abreast of many company data but you'd better know the company, never ask about the holiday or salary in a job interview.