Medical English course 15 hours en Londres (Cursos de Inglés)

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Medical English course 15 hours in Londres

The Medical English ESP course is aimed at healthcare professionals, university students and generally those working in the medical field.

Similarly, this course is great for individuals who need to be highly accurate and clear in their communication whilst showing tact and sensitivity.

This course will develop and strengthen the students’ command of specialist terminology used in the English-speaking medical community.

This course aims to:

  • Explore articles relating to current medical developments, treatments and patient records
  • Encourage confidence when writing notes, and prescriptions. Similarly, whilst discussing symptoms and diagnoses
  • Prepare students to give presentations using key terminology and language functions specific to medical English
  • Develop way to communicate with patients and reassure patients

Syllabus Preview

Our teachers generally follow a set syllabus, and students follow along with a course book or materials provided. Each week, students can expect to cover a range of topics and skills. Typically, students will study grammar, reading, writing and vocabulary on a weekly basis. A sample syllabus can be found below.

Medical English ESP – Example syllabus


  • Medical Advances
  • Tropical Diseases
  • Diagnoses
  • Case Histories
  • Patient Notes
  • At the Doctor’s
  • Taking a Medical History
  • Asking and Answering Questions
  • Sentence Stress
  • Communicating with Colleagues
  • Body Parts and Treatments
  • Illnesses and Medicine
  • Describing Pain
  • Diagnostic Questions and Diagnosing Patients
  • Should/Could
  • Future Tenses
  • Passing on Messages
  • Imperative

Study Options

Students can study our Medical English ESP course thanks to our Combination Courses. Alternatively, group classes can be arranged if you are planning to come as a group. Please see our Combination Course option below, and contact us for a group quotation. You can also contact us to study individually at any intensity you’d like. Please refer to our Price List for One-to-One lesson prices, and contact us for a personalised quotation.




From 18 years old

Levels for this course:

Minimum B2

Course Timetable:


Duration Class: (in minuts)


Type of Course:

Courses for Engineers and Technical Professionals

Is there a certificate at the end of the course?:

Cost of material used in the course:


Maximum places per class


Minimum age to do course :


Minimum number of weeks to do course:

Sin mínimo


Where the Medical English course 15 hours will be taught in Londres?

45 Oxford Street, London, W1D 2DZ

+34 927 04 95 06

Our school Prize English Rose school in London is located in the heart of the British Capital, with all the charms of this great city at your feet, this location is perfect to get to know London, taking a walk after your classes you can pay a visit to the British Museum which is just a few minutes walk from the school.

The school has 13 bright and well-equipped classrooms for language teaching, a Wi-Fi network for student use, a computer room with computers available to students, a library with books and loan materials, and a rest room with board games. where students rest between their classes and practice what they have learned, making new friends with their schoolmates.

The school offers a wide range of English courses, general English courses, exam preparation, children's courses, courses for teachers, courses for specific purposes, Business...

Come and see the school, our team of teachers, talk to our students before classes start.


Maximum number of students in class: 15

Length of time of classes: 1 hour = 60 mins

Minimum student age: 16    

Level test the first day of course:  Yes 

Students of various nationalities: Yes

Date of launch of the school: 2006

Timetable of the school: 09.15-15.45

Time of arrival on the first day: 09:00

Levels of courses offered: Elementary - Advanced

Social programme: Yes

Conditions of the school

- The fees must be paid by 14 days before the start date of the course in order to finalise your inscription and to be assured of your place on the course and in the accommodation.

- All bank charges must be paid by the student.

- There is no reimbursement of the course fees or of any other service contracted, in the case cancellation of the course by the student once the course is underway. .

- There is no refund for late arrival, absence or early departure due to transport problems or for any other reason once the course is underway..

Cancellation and Refund Policy

- Any cancellation or change which affects the services contracted must be communicated to the school in writing. On making the reservation of the course the student has agreed to the cancellation and refund policy.

Number of Classrooms: 13

Internet: Yes - Wifi

Cafeteria: No (but many cafes and other eating options near the school)

Digital Whiteboards: Yes

Study room or area: Yes, computer and study room for students

Teaching Resources: Yes

Outdoor area (patio or garden): No  

Television: No

Library: Yes   

Computers for the students to use: Yes

Vending machines: No

Support for Visa applications and cost:Yes


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