English for young learners 10-17 year olds, course + activities and excursións en Eastbourne (Cursos de Inglés)

Curso de Inglés en Eastbourne , Escuela Prize English Language Teaching School in Eastbourne

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English for young learners 10-17 year olds, course + activities and excursións in Eastbourne

English course for young students between 10-17 years in Eastbourne, course of 15 hours per week. Focused on general English: Expand vocabulary, grammar and improve communicative skills in speaking, writing and comprehension. The course also includes:

Accommodation in Residence at the same school facilities with full board.

Homestay (only 13+) with full board.

Activities 5 days a week Monday to Friday from 13:30 until 16:00

Make up
5 evening activities Monday to Fraiday (19: 00- 22:00) each week

International discs

Quiz nights

Sports tournaments
  1 Full day excursion every Saturday

On Sunday morning games and activities guided by instructors


chicos de entre 10-17 años

Levels for this course:

desde elemental hasta avanzado

Course Timetable:


Duration Class: (in minuts)


Type of Course:

Courses without accompanied travel

Is there a certificate at the end of the course?:

Cost of material used in the course:


Maximum places per class


Minimum age to do course :


Minimum number of weeks to do course:

Sin mínimo


Course available in Summer

This course includes host Family accommodation or Residence with full board

Where the English for young learners 10-17 year olds, course + activities and excursións will be taught in Eastbourne ?

Compton Place Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 1EH, England

+34 927 04 95 06

Our school in Prize English Language Teaching in Eastbourne is located in a magnificent eighteenth century building surrounded by 10 hectares of gardens  mansion that used to be home to the Dukes of Devonshire .

The school is just 15 minutes' walk from Eastbourne and extensive beaches.

The school has 21 classrooms, fully equipped for language teaching, lending library for students, wifi throughout the school, computer room, and great sports facilities, tennis courts, soccer fields, golf baseball, basketball and volleyball courts.

The school offers a variety of English courses all year, exam preparation, Celta courses, courses for adults, courses for youth groups, etc.

During the summer courses for young people with accommodation offered at the School residence itself.

Maximum number of students in class: 12

Length of time of classes: 45 mins

Minimum student age: 10   

Level test the first day of course:  Yes 

Students of various nationalities: Yes

Date of launch of the school: 1954

Timetable of the school: 09.15-12.30

Time of arrival on the first day: 09:00

Levels of courses offered: Elementary - Advanced

Social programme: Yes

           Conditions of the school

- The fees must be paid by 21days before the start date of the course in order to finalise your inscription and to be assured of your place on the course and in the accommodation.

- All bank charges must be paid by the student.

- There is no reimbursement of the course fees or of any other service contracted, in the case cancellation of the course by the student once the course is underway. .

- There is no refund for late arrival, absence or early departure due to transport problems or for any other reason once the course is underway..

          Cancellation and Refund Policy

- Any cancellation or change which affects the services contracted must be communicated to the school in writing. On making the reservation of the course the student has agreed to the cancellation and refund policy.



Number of Classrooms: 26

Internet: Yes - Wifi

Cafeteria: Yes

Digital Whiteboards: Yes 4 classrooms

Study room or area: Yes

Teaching Resources: Yes

Outdoor area (patio or garden): Yes  

Television: Yes

Library: Yes   

Computers for the students to use: Yes

Vending machines: Yes

Support for Visa applications and cost: Yes, No cost



Host family accommodation (single room, half board) More information
Host family accommodation (shared room, half board) More information
Shared apartment (single room) More information

Latest Reviews language courses Prize English Language Teaching School in Eastbourne in Eastbourne

Rating: 90%

Catalina Romero

Buena escuela. El único problema es que no había clases de adultos.

  4 about 5

Elena Savater

Ha sido una buena elección el ir a Eastbourne, una ciudad pequeña y manejable, gracias por vuestra ayuda.

  5 about 5

Catalina Romero

He avanzado algo con mi inglés y estoy muy contenta con la familia que me han asignado para mi hija con necesidades en su dieta, gracias por vuestra ayuda en Prize English.

  5 about 5

Paloma Mier

Estoy satisfecha tanto con el curso con la familia que me han asignado, gracias.

  5 about 5

Celia Garcia-Romeral

No es el primer curso que hago con Prize English y todo a ido genial como siempre, gracias.

  5 about 5

Belen Moreno

Ha sido una buena experiencia que espero repetir en el futuro en otra ciudad d Inglaterra, gracias por vuestra ayuda en Prize.

  5 about 5

Pascual Moliner

El curso me ha encantado, los profesores y el personal de la escuela han sido muy profesionales conmigo, gracias.

  5 about 5

Amanda Plaza

El personal de la escuela muy profesionales, mi curso muy bien y espero poder repetir en otra ocasión, gracias por todo a Antonio de Prize English.

  5 about 5

Sonia Martin

Me ha gustado mucho la ciudad y la escuela, el curso ha sido bueno, gracias por todo.

  5 about 5

Manuela Pascual

La familia se ha portado muy bien conmigo, el curso muy provechoso aunque bajo mi punto de vista debería haber menos alumnos en clase.

  5 about 5

Jorge Bustos

Un curso Erasmus muy bueno, la familia genial aunque un poco retirada de la escuela, buena valoración en general.

  5 about 5

Soledad Avila

Hice un curso CLIL y muy bueno, gracias por todo.

  5 about 5

Juani Pedrosa

La familia estaba muy lejos pero me han dado un buen trato, el curso bien.

  4 about 5

These views have been given by students who have attended English courses at school Inglés in Prize English Language Teaching School in Eastbourne ,Eastbourne , . If you leave an opinion on an Inglés course made or request more information about how to join the English for young learners 10-17 year olds, course + activities and excursiónscontact us.