Academic Year Programme for non EU students (8 months) en Cork (Cursos de Inglés)

Curso de Inglés en Cork , Escuela Prize English Cork English Academy in Cork

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Academic Year Programme for non EU students (8 months) in Cork

The Academic Year Programme is suitable for non EU students, have been approved for inclusion on the Register of Programmes recognised by the Minister of Education and Science.

These Programmes consist of an 8 month period and include 25 weeks tuition and the remaining part of the stay as a vacation period.

In accordance with immigration regulations all students must complete an official examination during their programme.

Academic Year students will be granted a stay of 8 months.

The programme consists of 25 weeks tuition 15 hours per week,  during a maximum stay of 8 months. 

International students should familiarise themselves with these important Academic Year Policies .

The daily General English lessons covers all of the English language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing with an emphasis on speaking and listening.

The main focus of the General English courses is on communication skills in real life settings.

25 Weeks Tuition


mayores de 18 años

Levels for this course:

Course Timetable:


Duration Class: (in minuts)


Type of Course:

Academic year long study

Is there a certificate at the end of the course?:

Cost of material used in the course:


Maximum places per class


Minimum age to do course :


Minimum number of weeks to do course:

Sin mínimo


Right to work

Students from outside the EU on Academic Year programmes have the right to work 20 hours per week during the course, it is intended to align the work concession with the traditional academic year and to allow students to work 40 hours per week only during the months of June, July, August, September and from 15 December to 15 January inclusive.

Where the Academic Year Programme for non EU students (8 months) will be taught in Cork ?

2 Drinan Street, Cork, T12 KP40, IRELAND

+34 927 04 95 06

Our Prize English Cork English Academy in Cork is an independent English language school located in the heart of the city of Cork.

The school was founded to meet the needs of those whose first language is not English, our goal is to provide excellent English language instruction.

The school offers a pleasant environment that offers our students the opportunity to practice English with native speakers to learn about Irish life and culture. It also offers a varied and interesting Social Activities Program to give you the opportunity to practice your English in real situations.

The Social Program encourages students to discover the beautiful sights in Cork City. Half day excursions and full day trips to some of the most visited and famous places in the city of Cork and Ireland are also organized.

One of the strengths that distinguishes us from other schools is that we accept a maximum of 12 students per class, with which students are more likely to participate in the class and teachers can offer more individualized attention adapting more to the needs of each student.

Maximum number of students in class: 12

Length of time of classes: 60 Minutes

Minimum student age: 18     

Level test the first day of course:  Yes

Students of various nationalities: Yes. 

Date of launch of the school: 26 June 2011

Timetables of the school:  08:30 - 17:30

Time of arrival on the first day: 30 minutes before classes are due to commence (08:30 for morning General English or 13:15 for Afternoon General English)

Levels of courses offered: A1 to C1

Social programme: Yes

Organised trips:  Yes 


Conditions of the school

- The fees must be paid by 14 days before the start date of the course in order to finalise your inscription and to be assured of your place on the course and in the accommodation.

- All bank charges must be paid by the student.

- There is no reimbursement of the course fees or of any other service contracted, in the case cancellation of the course by the student once the course is underway. .

- There is no refund for late arrival, absence or early departure due to transport problems or for any other reason once the course is underway..

Cancellation and Refund Policy

 - Any cancellation or change which affects the services contracted must be communicated to the school in writing. On making the reservation of the course the student has agreed to the cancellation and refund policy.

Number of Classrooms: 17

Internet: Yes, Free WiFi

Cafeteria: Yes, students room with tables and chairs where the students can eat which has a vending machine with some snacks and a coffee machine.

Digital Whiteboards: No

Study room or area: Yes,  as well as a computer area.

Teaching Resources: Yes Course books and a range of supplementary study materials both digital and hard copy.

Outdoor area (patio or garden): Yes,  a wrap-around terrace for the students to use.

Television:  Yes

Library: Yes

Computers for the students to use: Yes

Vending machines: Yes

Support for Visa applications and cost: Yes support with no additional charge.


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Latest Reviews language courses Prize English Cork English Academy in Cork in Cork

Rating: 80%

Rosario Hidalgo

  4 about 5

Ana Venzal

  4 about 5

Rafael Ferriols

Contento con la calidad de la escuela y la Residencia, gracias por vuestra ayuda, espero recomendaros.

  5 about 5

Amanda Alvarez

Ha salido todo bien, tanto el curso las actividades y la familia.

  5 about 5

Inmaculada Garcia

Gracias por vuestra ayuda Antonio, muy buen curso y la familia siempre atenta por si necesitaba algo.

  4 about 5

Marcos Noriega

Es la segunda vez que viajo con vosotros y todo correcto gracias.

  5 about 5

Alejandro Galan

Es la segunda vez que he ido con vosotros y todo ha salido genial en Cork, obtuve mi certificado y lo he pasado muy bien.

  5 about 5

Veronica Bueno

Muy buen curso y el precio razonable comparado con otros que había visto, la familia me ha tratado bien y se comía de maravilla.

  4 about 5

Noelia Igual

Gracias por toda vuestra ayuda en Prize English y espero volver a hacer mas cosas v¡con vosotros en el futuro.

  5 about 5

Arturo Garcia

Gente muy profesional y atentos a mi en cuanto les he pedido ayuda, muy recomendables sin duda.

  4 about 5

Christian Navarro

Las actividades no me han gustado me han parecido una perdida de tiempo , por lo demás bien.

  3 about 5

Carlos Izquierdo

Creo que al final hice una buena elección viniendo a Cork, la gente han sido muy simpática conmigo y he aprendido mucho estas 6 semanas.

  5 about 5

Miguel Lillo

Os agradezco vuestra ayuda y espero hacer mas cursos con vosotros en el futuro.

  4 about 5

Francisco Boix

Gracias por vuestra ayuda con la organización del curso y la familia, y espero volver a hacer algo el verano que viene .

  0 about 5

Pablo Frias

Los profesores me han ayudado mucho, y en este poco tiempo le he dado un buen empujón a mi inglés que lo tenia un poco olvidado.

  5 about 5

Marta Giron

Buen curso y gente profesional, me lo he pasado muy bien en Cork es una ciudad con mucho ambiente en verano y la gente en general es agradable.

  5 about 5

Sandra Martinez

Ya es la tercera vez que voy con vosotros y todo perfecto como siempre.

  5 about 5

Judit Gonzalez

Muy simpáticos en la escuela y he mejorado bastante aunque he estado poco tiempo , la familia muy buena gente también.

  5 about 5

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