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Ahora con Prize English podrá aprender inglés en Germany de una forma completa y diferente de aprender inglés con los mejores profesores nativos y las mejores escuelas. En nuestra web podrá consultar hasta 21 cursos de inglés que podrá realizar en las diferentes escuelas de Germany que Prize English dispone.

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What better place to study German than Berlin, a dynamic and creative capital where tradition and innovation coexist in a climate of freedom. Germany's largest city offers a myriad of opportunities in areas such as media, culture, development, science and indu...

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Cologne is Germanys oldest city, founded by the Romans in 39 BC, and of undoubted interest to all civilizations due to its strategic position on the basin of the River Rhine and a crossroads for many old commercial routes. Cologne is known in Germany for...

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Munich, a cosmopolitan city in the south of Germany, is a city full of art, music, history and culture. It is the capital of Bavaria and the capital of beer and European art. Munich is a truly multi cultural city, with many visitors from abroad, and immigrant...

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Radolfzell is located in southern Germany right on the banks of Lake Constance in a splendid vacation landscape just a few miles from the border with Switzerland. The lake offers wonderful opportunities for swimming and sailing, boating and all kinds of water...

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