Practical Methodology Interactive Board 30 lessons en St Julians (Cursos de Inglés)

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Practical Methodology Interactive Board 30 lessons in St Julians

Practical Methodology  Interactive Board 30 lessons

This course is aimed at developing and improving the methodological and pedagogical IT skills of teachers of English.

The Interactive Flat Panel, known as IFP(the next generation of IWB - Interactive Whiteboard), revolution is now sweeping into English language classrooms, but many teachers are still unsure and afraid of the multi-sensory potential of the IFP, or lack sufficient IFP training.

The course includes a combination of lectures and practical workshop sessions using the Hitachi StarBoard IFP software.

All of the sessions are in English and presented on IFPs, and are designed to simultaneously demonstrate and empower trainees with the methodology and pedagogy behind the IFP. Trainees will learn to incorporate this new frontier into their language teaching and get the most out of the IFP’s powerful interactivity and how it can augment motivation and stimulate students’ learning.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have limited experience of the IFP, this course will enable you to resource and prepare multi-sensory lessons and unleash the IFP’s potential in your classroom.

It also gives you the opportunity to have practical skills training on the Hitachi StarBoard given by qualified Hitachi StarBoard Teacher Trainers.

All the methodology and techniques which apply to IFPs are also still equally valid for IWBs.

The course is designed to:

  • Enable the understanding of IFP methodology and pedagogy so that teachers may incorporate and use the IFP interactively in language teaching.
  • Enable use of the main functions of the Hitachi Starboard (IFP) and to learn appropriate StarBoard software skills.
  • Improve the participants’ knowledge and understanding of English teaching terminology.
  • Enable use of the IFP for the teaching of English language skills: speaking & listening, reading & writing, grammar & vocabulary.
  • Give the teacher the opportunity to begin building some of their own IFP lesson resources using the StarBoard Software, overseen and assisted by the Hitachi Teacher Trainer.”


From 18 years old

Levels for this course:

From B1

Course Timetable:


Duration Class: (in minuts)


Type of Course:

Courses for teachers

Is there a certificate at the end of the course?:

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Sin mínimo


Where the Practical Methodology Interactive Board 30 lessons will be taught in St Julians?

Triq Santu Wistin, Bay Street Complex, Level 4, St. George's Bay, St Julian's STJ 3311, Malta

+34 927 04 95 06

Our ACE school in St. Julians is located in the heart of St. Julians.

All classrooms are equipped with air conditioning, heating, modern furniture and adapted for students in wheelchairs.

The school has 24 light classrooms, study materials, audio, video, etc. A library, computers with free internet access, a rooftop terrace to enjoy the views at the end of classes.

Just a few steps from the school you can find restaurants, bars, cinemas, shops, the beach ...

The school offers a wide variety of courses for adults, youth and families, adapted both for students who want to learn intensively, and for those students who prefer to go more calmly.

Apart from classes, the school offers a fantastic program of weekly activities so that you can enjoy this beautiful island while practicing your English with other classmates at school.

School opening date: 2013

Native teachers: Yes

Maximum number of students per class: 12

Minimum age of students: 12

1 class = 45 minutes

Arrival time the first day: 09:00

Level test the first day: Yes

Students of various nationalities: Yes

School hours: 09:00 - 18:00

Levels of courses offered: From beginner to advanced

Social activities: Yes

Excursions: Yes

Visa processing cost: Yes

                                                                                 Conditions of the school

- The fees must be paid by 14 days before the start date of the course in order to finalise your inscription and to be assured of your place on the course and in the accommodation.

- All bank charges must be paid by the student.

- There is no reimbursement of the course fees or of any other service contracted, in the case cancellation of the course by the student once the course is underway. .

- There is no refund for late arrival, absence or early departure due to transport problems or for any other reason once the course is underway..

Cancellation and Refund Policy

- Any cancellation or change which affects the services contracted must be communicated to the school in writing. On making the reservation of the course the student has agreed to the cancellation and refund policy.

Number of Classrooms: 24

Internet: Yes 

Cafeteria: No 

Digital Whiteboards: Yes

Study room or area: Yes, computer and study room for students

Teaching Resources: Yes

Outdoor area: Yes  

TV room: Yes

Library: Yes   

Computers for the students to use: Yes

Vending machines: Yes

Support for Visa applications: Yes


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