CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) Course 25 Lessons per week en Cork (Cursos de Inglés)

Curso de Inglés en Cork , Escuela Prize English Cork English School

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CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) Course 25 Lessons per week in Cork

The CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) Course in Cork is aimed at Primary and Secondary School Teachers in European countries who teach or may be required to teach their subject through English.

The course is 25 lessons = 25 hours per week in class and has the double objective of content learning and foreign language learning. Subjects such as History, Natural Sciences or Geography are some of the subjects from which we take classroom topics as examples in the course. 

Objectives: To Adapt the teaching of English to the needs of the pupils, create and adapt exercises from text books as well as activities with different objectives and learning levels, and to encourage independent and autonomous learning styles in education.



Teachers in Primary and Secondary

Levels for this course:

Minimum level B1

Course Timetable:


Duration Class: (in minuts)


Type of Course:

Courses for teachers

Is there a certificate at the end of the course?:

Cost of material used in the course:


Maximum places per class


Minimum age to do course :


Minimum number of weeks to do course:

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Where the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) Course 25 Lessons per week will be taught in Cork ?

Cork English College Saint Patricks Bridge Cork, Ireland

+34 927 04 95 06

Our school in Cork is located in the centre of Cork, beside the River Lee. It is an acclaimed English school ideally situated for those who wish to get to know the South of Ireland.

We provide quality English courses ranging from General English, to specialist Teachers’ courses, as well as Young Learners, so we can accommodate individuals, groups and families who are looking for a programme that will suit every member. Cork is a welcoming city steeped in Irish culture. The school has been running for 35 years and its localised approach allows students to feel completely at home here and to really make the most of their visit.

Cork English is an oficial Examination Centre for the Cambridge, IELTS, BULATs and TOEIC exams.

The school offers an excellent cultural and social programme which includes organised day trips, and we fully recommend that our students get involved to gain maximum benefit from their contact with other students and our teachers, to put into practice the language that they have learned in class.

One of the strengths that distinguishes us from other schools is that we accept a maximum of 10 students per class, with which students are more likely to participate in the class and teachers can offer more individualized attention adapting more to the needs of each student.

Maximum number of students in class: 10

Length of time of classes: 60 minutes

Minimum student age: 17 years      

Level test the first day of course:  Si

Students of various nationalities: Yes 

Date of launch of the school: 1.978

Timetables of the school: 09.00 – 16.20

Time of arrival on the first day: 08.45

Levels of courses offered:  7 levels: Elementary to Advanced

Social programme: Yes.  Examples:  pub nights, Irish dancing nights, bowling, greyhound racing, walking tours, visits to museums & places of interest, class based activities, films. Many activities are free of charge

Organised trips:  Yes.  A half day excursion is arranged each Friday afternoon with various destinations.In June, July & August, a full day excursion is arranged each Saturday.

               Conditions of the school
- The fees must be paid by 14 days before the start date of the course in order to finalise your inscription and to be assured of your place on the course and in the accommodation.
- All bank charges must be paid by the student.
- There is no reimbursement of the course fees or of any other service contracted, in the case cancellation of the course by the student once the course is underway.
- There is no refund for late arrival, absence or early departure due to transport problems or for any other reason once the course is underway.
Cancellation and Refund Policy
- Any cancellation or change which affects the services contracted must be communicated to the school in writing. On making the reservation of the course the student has agreed to the cancellation and refund policy.


Number of Classrooms: 35

Internet: Yes

Cafeteria: No

Digital Whiteboards: Yes

Study room or area: Yes

Teaching Resources: Yes

Outdoor area (patio or garden): Yes

Television:  Yes

Library: Yes   

Computers for the students to use: Yes

Vending machines:Yes

Support for Visa applications and cost: Yes. There is no additional cost involved preparing documents for students who require a visa to come to Ireland.


2 bedrooms Apartment More information
Host family accommodation (single room, half board) More information
Host family accommodation (single room, half board, EXECUTIVE) More information

Latest Reviews language courses Prize English Cork English School in Cork

Rating: 90%

Maria Luz Aparicio

La atención prestada por el equipo de Priza English ha sido estupenda.Cork es un sitio muy recomendable para estudiar ingles, los irlandeses tienen un carácter parecido al nuestro, son agradables y acogedores. Cork English College es un buen centro para mejorar el novel de ingles! Muchas gracias por vuestra ayuda!

  5 about 5

Maria Montero

El curso estuvo bien, pero no específico de lo que yo necesitaba, en ese sentido hubo una mala coordinación, porque si había cursos específicos para preparar el first en esa misma escuela. Por otro lado estuve en dos alojamiento dean Hall, que me gusto mucho, estaba limpio, céntrico y con buen ambiente, y la última semana estuve en un piso compartido que no guarda tan buenos recuerdos.

  4 about 5

Lorena Carreras

La residencia tendría que controlar más la limpieza de las instalaciones. El día que llegué me encontré las sábanas sucias y el comedor sucio. Además, el personal de la residencia entró en mi habitación sin consultármelo.

  4 about 5

Laura Fernandez Alvarez

La verdad es que todo fue muy bien. El curso de metodología Clil me gustó mucho. Las profesoras eran encantadoras y nos enseñaron muchas herramientas para poner en práctica en el aula. En cuanto a la residencia, todo correcto, tanto la habitación como las zonas comunes. El único inconveniente es que estaba bastante apartada del centro y de la escuela, a 35 minutos a pie. Muchas gracias por la atención recibida

  5 about 5

Agustin Nevado

He hecho un buen curso para profes y la residencia bien también.

  5 about 5

Concepción Gimenez

Gracias por todo, tanto el curso como el alojamiento me han gustado mucho, espero repetir si puedo por mi cuenta mas adelante.

  5 about 5

Teresita del niño Jesús

hemos ido tres compañeros ha hacer un curso para profesores y todo ha salido bien, todo bien organizado y un buen curso, recomendable cien por cien.

  4 about 5

Maria Isabel Ciudad

Buen curso y alojamiento, gracias por vuestra ayuda en organizar todo.

  5 about 5

Maria José Manzano

Curso muy bueno y las actividades me han gustado bastante también.

  4 about 5

Maria Jose Manzano

Gracias por vuestra ayuda y estar siempre disponibles, todo salió bien y espero recomendaros a mis compañeros.

  5 about 5

Gema Bravo

He hecho el curso para profesores en Cork y me ha gustado mucho, profesional y muy divertidos los profesores.

  5 about 5

Olga Coello

Hice el curso para profesores y todo salio según lo había previsto, gracias por vuestra ayuda en Prize.

  5 about 5

Romano Antonio Garcia

Genial la experiencia en Irlanda, salio todo bien y he mejorado bastante en estas dos semanas.

  5 about 5

Rosa Muñecas

Espero repetir con vosotros si tengo la oportunidad, siempre habéis estado muy atentos.

  5 about 5

Sonia Martin

Cork me ha parecido una ciudad acogedora y buena para hacer este curso , todo me ha ido muy bien, gracias.

  5 about 5

Maria Silvia Jimenez

Una buena experiencia en Cork, todo salio según lo habíamos planeado.

  5 about 5

Juan Antonio Rodriguez

Gente profesional y simpática, todo salio bien.

  5 about 5

Maria Teresa Fernandez Galvin

He hecho el curso para profesores y me va a venir muy bien , gracias por vuestra ayuda.

  5 about 5

Jose Romero

Buen curso y la Residencia cómoda, muy recomendable.

  5 about 5

These views have been given by students who have attended English courses at school Inglés in Prize English Cork English School,Cork , Ireland. If you leave an opinion on an Inglés course made or request more information about how to join the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) Course 25 Lessons per weekcontact us.